Chapter I: The Beginning

  • Lottery, not only a chance for you to win more SALT but also a Burning Mechanism to keep the value of the token high;
  • Binary options, more on this in another post.


We are launching a yield farm with a fair token distribution.

What does the team get then?

We believe that the usage of the farm will be enough for us to get the dev funds needed to cover not only our development efforts but also our server expenses and incentives. See our incentives here and join the movement.


Token: SALT
Contract Address:
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Emission rate: Reward per block — 1.1 SALT
Daily emission (Based on 28.8k blocks per day) — 31,680 SALT per day
Distribution: Farmers get 1 SALT rewards per block, devs get 0.1 SALT reward per block

Time lock

We will be adding a time lock contract as the owner of the MasterChef. The time lock will be activated on launch with a 24h delay, this should give you enough time to validate any of our transactions.


We will publish our contract addresses in a follow up article. Rest arrured that our Masterchef contract does not have the infamous migrator code. Please refer to our contract’s repo here.


Follow the counter on our website. You can already add your tokens and LPs to our farms and you will get SALT as soon as the timer ends.


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